Executive Coaching

Improving your leadership, your team, your organization.

Being a leader is hard work.  It can also be very rewarding.  It is the ultimate in service to others.  Being an executive has unique challenges.  At the executive level, most people in the organization in some manner report to you.  At the very least, they can be impacted greatly by your leadership, your decisions, your direction, and your feedback.

maintaintop3 For the executive, it can be challenging to get the kind of feedback and support needed in order to grow as an effective leader.  Executive coaching is intended to create the space for you the leader at the executive level of an organization to learn, grow, be challenged and to get the  support and feedback needed in order to increase your awareness, improve your skills,  and therefore positively impact the health of your team and organization.  Executive coaching is for leaders who understand that being a leader means that you never stop learning.  Leadership is a journey and not a destination.  Leaders thrive on being dynamic and not in a static state.  Executive coaching not only supports your journey, but also helps you be more effective and efficient.

What are the benefits of executive coaching?

  • Understand your strengths as a leader and how to leverage your talent.
  • Discover your blind spots that could be impeding your leadership and your desired impact.
  • Have the space and support in order to challenge yourself, and your limits.
  • Receive unbiased feedback without the filters or biases that may exist from current professional or personal relationships.
  • Work with a coach who is focused on helping you grow and achieve your goals without an outside agenda.

Executive Coaching Client Testimonial

“Larysa has a gentle but irresistible manner that pushed me to go to uncomfortable places.  She led me though exercises, reflection and practice that supported my development of new skills and insights.  As a result I now have a broader variety of tools to use and the confidence to use them.  I still use the exercises and re-read my notes from our coaching sessions.”

Manager, City Government