Team Leadership

Improving team effectiveness in a healthy and sustainable way through team building, facilitation, conflict management and leadership coaching.

“If you want to go fast, walk alone.  If you want to go far, walk together”. – African proverb

The above African proverb demonstrates both the strengths and the inherent challenges of work in teams.  Working in teams can allow members to create success in a way that would be difficult if not impossible as compared to working alone.  That statement however does not preclude teams from having substantial challenges as members struggle to work with other members who see and experience the world differently. At L4 Leadership, we work with teams in order build on the talent of the team while building awareness and skills for team members to work together effectively.


We are stronger together, than we are apart.

The services and benefits of  team consulting includes:

  • Designed and facilitated team retreats and meetings
  • Effective conflict awareness and engagement training
  • Strategic planning and collaboration events
  • Learning style awareness
  • Organizational consulting for team dynamic understanding
  • Diversity Training
  • Improve team performance
  • Team dynamic awareness training
  • Improving effectiveness and dynamics of teams in transition
  • Team specific coaching and training
  • Communication and feedback workshops

Client Testimonial: Team Development

Larysa has been working with my program for the last month to improve
communication, clarify roles, and to help us move toward an optimal
collaborative experience for our team.  She is considerate, thoughtful,
insightful, and has helped us work through difficult problems. She
designed our team-building exercise precisely to match our wishes.
Larysa is a good listener who never makes anyone “wrong”, but allows
everyone to feel “right”, included and heard. I would hire her again in
a heart beat.

Program Manager, Marine Science Research Industry, Government

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