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L4 Leadership deeply appreciates the time and effort that clients have made in providing the following comments about their experience with our work.   All references are available for contact if you’d like to learn more about any of these projects and our clients.

Thank you!

Consulting, Team Building, Leadership Development, and Strategic Planning Off Site Learning Day

“I stepped into a new role, taking over a team that needed a major realignment, starting with the leadership team.  I engaged Larysa at L4 Leadership to help me, and she added value at every level.  One and one, she asked the good, hard questions to get me thinking and sort through the noise to identify the essence of what I wanted to do to move forward.  She also gave honest feedback in a compassionate and supportive manner.   With my leadership team, she designed a great off site day and helped create a safe environment where they could start to build trust with each other and come together as a team.  With my entire group, she designed a fantastic all day meeting that engaged all 50 participants, where everyone was actively involved and our group generated a lot of input that the leadership team used to plan how we will move forward.  I plan to keep working with Larysa as I continue the journey with my new group.”

Director,  Business Intelligence~ Global Nonprofit Organization

Executive Coaching Client

“I have been working with Larysa for over a year and can say that she’s had a huge impact on my personal development and company growth.  As the owner of a young company, I initially hired Larysa to help me work through strategic company decisions.  I realized right away that her coaching was so much more than that.

Larysa helps me analyze growth, hiring, employees, customers, conflicts and personal development.  The assurance that I have a confidant who also constantly pushes me to see my strengths, weakness, the lesson in every failure and the joy of every success is something I greatly value.  Before I started working with Larysa, I was somewhat resistant to executive coaching.  Now I find myself telling other business leaders of the success I’ve had with Larysa.  Even for those of us with high drive/type A personalities, I now believe that everyone can benefit from someone who helps remind them of the promises they make to themselves.” 

President and CEO~ Northwest Technology & Engineering Staffing and Recruiting Firm

Leadership Team Consulting and  Coaching
Larysa was brought into my department to help support and develop management staff who were promoted from within and quickly given great responsibility.
Larysa engaged me, as the stakeholder, to understand the goals I had for my team.  This was a great reminder, and not the last, that the success of her work is engaging a whole team to ensure there is clarity of purpose from the beginning.  Once the project and coaching was underway, Larysa displayed a wonderful understanding of both the people and the process, helping us identify barriers to success and opportunities for growth.  Larysa’s skill is having a great capacity to understand people, relationships and communication.  She is able to leverage that through incisive questions and well conceived  exercises and learning events.  She is a pleasure to work with and gets results.

VP, Social Enterprise Organization

Large Team Building Off Site for Strategic Planning, Collaboration and Learning

“Thanks again for the fabulous day — it truly was the best team facilitation session I’ve ever attended, and I’ve seen quite a few of these at various clients throughout my career”.

Senior Project Manager, Information Technology and Management Consulting

Executive Leadership Coaching Client

“I began working with Larysa right after I took over leadership duties of a staff of forty.  Besides having inherited a significant about of mis-trust issues, I was tasked with establishing myself as a new leader to this group. I also had four managers who reported directly to me, who had been used to reporting to a higher level.  Due to Larysa’s insight and guidance I have become a more effective and efficient manager, and we are building a strong team. We are still working on the trust issue, but have made significant progress. The managers have accepted my role as department leader and we are building a strong leadership team.

Thanks for everything you’ve done for me.”

Director Engineering,  Northwestern Washington Healthcare System

Consulting Client for Team Development and Planning

“Larysa has been working with my program for the last month to improve communication, clarify roles, and to help us move toward an optimal collaborative experience for our team.  She is considerate, thoughtful,
insightful, and has helped us work through difficult problems. She
designed our team-building exercise precisely to match our wishes.
Larysa is a good listener who never makes anyone “wrong”, but allows
everyone to feel “right”, included and heard. I would hire her again in
a heart beat”.

Program Manager, Marine Science Research Industry, Government

Career Coaching  and Life Leadership Client

“Larysa is the consummate professional.  I always know that she will help me objectively analyze my situation, (personally and professionally) without judgement.  I have better realized my strengths and weaknesses and the impact that has on my success and happiness in life.  She leads by example with integrity”.

Area Manager, Global Engineering and Consulting Corporation, Fortune 500

Career Development, Leadership Coaching Client
“Working with Larysa has been a remarkably rewarding professional and personal growth experience. Her approach has enabled me to better understand my leadership strengths and weaknessness, focus on what I can do to improve in work and in life, and provided me with a set of tools I will be using for years to come. It has been an amazing opportunity to grow, as a leader and as a person.
Larysa takes a calm, thoughtful approach to coaching – with clear and insightful questions, kind (but no-nonsense) encouragement, and unwavering support. She pairs obvious professionalism with a deep personal understanding of what it is like to balance a full professional and family life. And it is clear at every turn that she is deeply committed to helping me succeed in achieving my goals.
Investing time in honest self-examination of one’s goals and committing to working toward them can be a daunting challenge. Larysa has provided a professional, comfortable, supportive environment that makes this a truly postive experience – one that I look forward to each time we meet”.

Vice President, Technology Consulting Firm

Consulting Client for Team Development and Communication

“As the manager of a crew of industrial operators working shifts around the clock, I noticed that the crew members began to display patterns of communication breakdown, misinformation and mistrust.  I had to improve the workplace environment for these highly trained employees who were also outstanding people, (a potentially daunting challenge).  Without judging anyone, Larysa set up a plan for the leaders of the teams and me to improve our understanding of each other in the workplace, rather than to find out who was to blame.

As this project started I noticed improvement right away. We all were able to address our issues and work relationships and improve our understanding of our roles at work. None of this improvement could have been accomplished without the skill that Larysa has in treating everyone the same with a professional, disarming quality.  All individuals trusted her immediately and were able to open up in the safe, non-judgmental atmosphere that Larysa created.  Larysa was never interested in who might be a culprit or troublemaker.

Besides her skill in this field Larysa brings a gift of intelligence, compassion, training, and genuine caring that others are able to see right away.”

Manager, Utilities Operation, Manufacturing Facility, Fortune 150 Company

Executive Coaching Client

“Larysa has a gentle but irresistible manner that pushed me to go to uncomfortable places.  She led me though exercises, reflection and practice that supported my development of new skills and insights.  As a result I now have a broader variety of tools to use and the confidence to use them.  I still use the exercises and re-read my notes from our coaching sessions.”

Manager, City Government

Consulting Client for Custom Designed Off Site for Team Building, Change and Transition
Our non-profit staff has been through an inordinate amount of change this past year. We expanded from a team of eleven to a team of seventeen. This may not sound like much but for a small organization this is truly exponential. Early on in this expansion, our long-term beloved Executive Director moved on to a new job. More change! Larysa designed and facilitated a retreat that supported our staff in understanding some of the changes we have been experiencing and how our experiences impact our team and effectiveness. She gave us the opportunity to explore positive communication techniques and also led us through other exercises that helped us deepen our sense of our new team and our potential to grow together through our transition. Larysa is incredibly insightful and an optimist too!

Interim Executive Director ~ Community Foundation, Seattle and NW Region

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